When we sat down to write this post we realized how silly and daunting this task would be. Silly and daunting in the sense that the mind is very complex and it’s possible that we may never fully understand the power of our mind. But, as we evolve and as science evolves we are learning more about how powerful the mind really is.

At Hempzene we want to do our best to provide you with valuable information to help you in your journey as a human. You know the saying knowledge is power? Well, that is half true. The real power is in what you do with the knowledge you acquire. While the science is voluminous as it relates to the mind, we will be focusing on happiness. We will show you that happiness is a choice(for most) and that it is something you need to work at. When following along with our three pillars approach, you will see that the entire theme for us, our products, and our content is about happiness.

Let’s start with reality…

In this digital age we live in, reality can be confusing. Is your reality where you are at this very moment reading this blog post? Or is it inside of the device you are reading the post on? In other words the internet?

Your mind and your thoughts are in essence living in a virtual reality world. Its own world that may or may not respond to outside stimuli. But, your day to day life as you go throughout your day, that is the reality of the world. That world and where you are today or tomorrow is ultimately controlled by your very own virtual reality of your brain. That virtual reality is in essence your thoughts. What you think and how you think for the most part impacts your real world. What you feed your own inner virtual reality directly impacts how you feel. What goes in to your virtual reality mostly is what comes out and alters your actual reality. From food, supplements, drugs, to who you surround yourself with and what you do each day feeds your virtual reality then ultimately dictates your reality.

Does this seem a little too out there? We understand. But, this isn’t just us making up theories or writing down ideas that spontaneously come to us. So, we want you to see our thesis in action. To make it easier let’s start with your consumption of Hempzene. We want you to write down on a scale of 1 to 10 each morning how you feel BEFORE you take Hempzene for a whole week. Then we want you to take your Hempzene as directed for an entire week and each morning rank how you feel from a scale of 1-10. To keep yourself honest, we ask that you don’t drink to excess or more than what your normally do on a daily basis. At the end of the second week take your average from the week prior and see if your average is up. Now, we get this may seem a little self serving on our part, and we understand. But, to start this is one of the easiest ways to show you how what you feed your mind impacts your happiness. How can we be sure that this experiment will work? Well, we happen to know a little bit about our product and human biology and are very confident that your Endocannabinoid System willing be firing like its never fired before and your body and mind will be flooded with happiness.

In future posts we will discuss in detail the power of your thoughts and only your thoughts on your mind. Plus we will discuss so many other ways to have a positive impact on your mind.